Bill GenieSM GSI's web-based Telecom Financial Management Tool for Medium-size to Enterprise CustomersSM

GSI's Bill GenieSM audits and validates all telecom related bills as the first line of defense against overpaying. Unlike other tools, Bill GenieSM and a dedicated GSI Account Manager work to recover any overcharges, while validating and cost allocating every last penny. Data updates are available and displayed within 48 hours of receiving each telecom invoice in any format and loading them into the system, allowing companies to slice and dice the data anyway they need it. Bill Genie not only identifies the otherwise undetected suspicious charges, but eliminates slamming, cramming, and splashing immediately. Finding and reporting a billing error is only 20% of the work, while actually fixing it and proving it is 80% of the work. Unlike other tools, Bill GenieSM goes the distance to recover every last penny.  With Bill GenieSM, internal client resources don't spend valuable time attempting to partially reconcile accounts by trying to get money back from vendors. Plus with Bill GenieSM, keeping up with and paying monthly telecom invoices will never be easier.

  Bill Genie Benefits:

Cost Accountability for every penny of telecom spending and where it came from for Medium-Enterprise clients
Paperless no more bills
Reporting - web based bill within 48 hours of receipt from telecom vendor Validation - knowing when and what to pay
Eliminates duplicate bill payments
Reconciliation- Bill Genie can find it and fix it!
Interactive - the ability to customize reports and slice and dice all telecom data in one platform
Consolidate dissimilar billing data and bill formats from various service providers to a common bill repository for analysis and management review
Systematically examine bills for errors, credits, refunds, and accuracy
Ensure monthly telecommunications bills match contracts
Scan infrastructure for efficiency recommendations
Maintain a complete, accurate circuit and station inventory
Perform General Ledger account code mapping to allow A/P processing
Store critical contract information for online review
Track historical usage and cost trends for budget preparation
Authorizing online bill approval and payment

  Winning Solution:

Bill GenieSM is a web-based application that; consolidates the bills, reconciles discrepancies, identifies potential errors, and provides a variety of reports to allow businesses to manage telecom spending instead of it managing them. In addition to the detailed reporting package, Bill GenieSM maps telecom expenses to the appropriate cost centers while identifying budget variances.


Bill GenieSM utilizes advanced e-commerce methods to efficiently and quickly create a common database of all telecom billings to provide a real-time management of telecom costs. Bill GenieSM runs on the Microsoft .NET platform with SQL Server Database, and Brio Business Intelligence financial reporting charts and graphs.

To see the most robust Telecom Financial Management Tool, schedule a Bill GenieSM web-demo by calling GSI at 1-800-300-8144 or notify GSI at sales@gsi-us.net for more information.